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Transportation Foundation of Los Angeles is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization originally established by the MTA in 1991 for the purpose of providing education, training, and the advancement of knowledge and understanding that will promote the ongoing development of public transportation systems.

In the broad fields of transportation, technology is rapidly expanding and has created a demand that far outstrips the supply of bright, motivated and educated employees.

Our mission is to provide training, administer programs and conduct research that improves transportation and its related societal concerns. By helping to make certain that the transportation sector, as well as other related industries, has the necessary resources to adapt to technological advances, TFLA is working towards a better future for everyone focusing on increasing the use and knowledge of transportation systems by providing educational, technological and economic opportunities.

Tamiko Hirano
Tel: 213-744-1030

:: LIFT LA Program

TFLA recruits university juniors, seniors and graduate students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 who are motivated, high-achievers. 

Qualified students are required to submit a current resume, an unofficial transcript from the school verifying their GPA, and a 500-word essay expressing what the student hopes to gain from the internship.

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